Filter Housing

Filter Housings

For removing solid particle contaminants from liquids

filter housings combine superior technology, cost effectiveness and efficiency to meet the demands of commercial and industrial applications. The innovative housing design provides a perfect fit for EuroTaj filter cartridges. They are engineered for safe and reliable performance.


Filter Housings are ideally suited for Prefiltration, Final Filtration, and Process Treatment:

  • RO Pre-filtration
  • Water Softening/Demineralization
  • Food & Beverage Processing
  • Cooling Towers
  • Textile Process Water for Bleaching,
      Dyeing and Printing
  • Deep Well Injection
  • Oil & Gas Industry
  • Pharmaceutical & Healthcare
  • Electronics Manufacture
  • Power Generation
  • Seawater Desalination
  • Drinking Water
  • Bottled Water
  • Municipal Water Treatment
  • Residential Water
  •  Boiler Feed Water
  • Industrial Process Water
  • Chemicals Manufacture
  • ED Automotive Paint
  • Electroplating Solutions
  • Lube Oil Filtration
  • Edible Oil Filtration
      EuroTaj 30ET40 Filter Housing with Davit Arm
  • Transformer Oil Filtration
      and more ...


Vessel Rating: 100 psi @ 82 oC (The normal/maximum operating pressure is for the vessel rating only. Temperature limits vary and depend on pressure and time under load. Practical operating temperature will be dependent on the fluid properties, temperature capability of the filter element and sealing gasket used in the vessel.)
Hydrostatic Test
200 psi @ ambient temperature
Housing Material: Multiple cartridge housings: 316L Stainless Steel
Single cartridge housings: 304 Stainless Steel
Shell Thickness: Single cartridge housings:1.5 mm
Three to nine cartridge housings: 3 mm
Twelve or more cartridges housing: 4 mm
Pre- and Post-Filter:   1⁄4 inch NPT ports with inlet and outlet pressure gauges
Gauge Ports:
Upstream Vent Port:  1⁄4 inch NPT with ball valve
Drain Port:  1⁄2 inch NPT with ball valve
O-Ring Material: NBR (Nitryle Butadiene) standard
Finish: Polished stainless steel (acid pickled for optimum corrosion resistance)
Filter Connection: Individual tie rod system for positive seal in DOE cartridges
Cartridge Diameter: Single cartridge housings: from 55 –72 mm outer diameter, 63.5 mm standard Multiple cartridge housings:
from 55 – 70 mm outer diameter, 63.5 mm standard


Customized housings:

For other flow rates, temperature and pressurerequirements
Inlet/outlet connections: Threaded or flanged connections

O-ring materials for higher temperature & chemical resistance:
Neoprene, Teflon and Silicone

Other options: Auto air vent Stainless steel
pressure gauges Pressure switch Housing with angle guides for spring-loaded cartridges

Davit Arm with swing bolts
assists in lifting heavy lids of larger housings (21 or more cartridges)

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