NanoCare Coating Technology

NanoTech Coatings is a liaison office in Dubai for Nano-Care A.G., a German company specializing in ultra thin (nanometer) coatings for various types of industries.   These products are UV-Stable, Resilient, Abrasion/Scratch Resistance, etc. thereby reducing the wear & tear and increasing the lifespan of products.  

As your company is in the business of glass/steel products, some of our products listed below will provide:

  • Anti finger-print effect
  • Excellent abrasion / scratch resistance
  • Excellent optical appearance
  • Anti lime effect
  • Effective protection against corrosion
  • Excellent hydro & oleo-phobic characteristics
  • Anti-fog effect

Nanoflex® SG 10 : Can be used on sand-blasted or etched glass surfaces.  This product has anti-finger print properties and is grease & oil resistant.

Nanoflex® Antifog :  Can be used on all types of glass surfaces to prevent the effect of FOG (mist formation) during winters or during excessive humid conditions.  

Nanoflex® PremiumGlas : Is suitable for non-absorbent silica based surfaces and can be used on glass surfaces, mirrors, solar panels, laminated sheet glass, etc.  

Nanoflex® APF 100 :  To be used as an Anti-fingerprint coating for structured stainless steel surfaces.    Please visit our website for more information. Alternately, Individual product catalogues can be found on the below listed links:  

Nanoflex AFP 100 (Anti-finger print for structured steel surfaces)

Nanoflex SG 10 (Anti-finger print for Glass surface)

Nanoflex Anti-Graffitti

Nanoflex Stone

Nanoflex PremiumGlass

Nanoflex Bathcare

Nanoflex TopCeramic

Nanoflex Plastic

Nanoflex PremiumTextile

Nanoflex Windshield  

Nanoflex FelgenProtect

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