Sexual Enhancement Products

The number one enemy in a competitive society of the new millennium is stress. Besides being the cause of many illnesses, stress also affects our moods, causes conflicts in relationships and is one of the main culprit of erectile dysfunction in men.

Many products for helping men overcome the problem of erectile dysfunction are available in the market today either off the shelf or through mail order via the Internet.

However, majority of these products, though proven to be effective, are chemical-based. Without medical consultation and advice, the consumption of these chemical-based products may produce harmful side effects in the long run.

VITRAGOLD, on the other hand, is formulated entirely and purely with traditional ingredients provided by Mother Nature. These ingredients have been for centuries proven to have health and libido enhancing qualities. Extensive research has been conducted on these ingredients in the countries where they are found as well as by renowned international medical research institutions. VITRAGOLD is formulated with these ingredients extracted using the latest technologies and effectively combined to make it potent not only as a short term sexual fulfillment but also for long term health maintenance.

Our product, VITRAGOLD is Natural herbal formulation which contains 3 main ingredients, which are :

  • Radix Eurycoma Longifolia
  • Cordyceps Sinensis
  • Royal Jelly

Through a unique Bio Technology manufacturing process these herbal ingredients are used to formulate the distinctive product VITRAGOLD, this revolutionary product that improves and enhances a men’s total health with its tens of beneficial factors and remedies which includes increasing blood circulation and vitality which also directly helps cure many ailments. VITRAGOLD helps improve physical endurance and regulate the human immune system through improved blood circulation.

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